video production lighting

Lighting Gallery

 The Importance of Lighting for Video

Video LightingPatch bay
The patch bay allows the intensity of lights to be controlled without lowering the battens.
Dedo lights small and compact for highlights or shadow fill
Dedo lights are small and compact that can be spotted and focused on selected regions of the scene.
Portable lighting on location must be powerful and reliable. Electrical input circuits should be suitable for high out put lights

Lighting is key to a professional video production. Knowing how to use your lights can help lift the subject from the background. This enables more depth to be created in the scene and gives added production value.

Lighting carries with it a colour temperature measured in Kelvins. To balance your cameras setting to the lights, a White Balance must be carried out. This enables the camera to record the image with the colour spectrum balanced to daylight or to the artistic creation of the director.

LED lights are becoming popular and are most beneficial lighting small sets.

HMI lights are used in the studio or on location.
HMI lights offer power with efficiency.
Strand lighting panel
The Strand lighting panel controls the lights mounted on the pantograph

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